Pho Hoa - Mall of Asia

>> Monday, November 16, 2009

I am not an adventurer when it comes to food. If there's an option, I would prefer the safe and familiar taste of spices and sauces. That's the reason why I don't try just about anything. But my boyfriend (marvin) happens to be a fan of almost every type of food (I would want to mention them but I think I'll end up with a long list). I have a long list of first time food I've tried - thanks to him, including learning how to use Chopsticks!

After some time, I guess I learned how to appreciate the food he loves. He surely considers my sensitive taste and cravings just like I consider and appreciate his. And to you, who have delicate palate too, Pho Hoa maybe something unusual.

This is not the first time I've dined in this Vietnamese Restaurant, but since my sis has this blog - I thought of sharing with you.. how safe I order. :)

try for their menu

his order:
Pho Nam, Chin, Gan, Bo Bien
Flank, Brisket, Tendon and Meat Balls

their soups come with
bean sprouts, lemon, mint leaves and hoisin sauce
you can either mix the sauce in the soup bowl or it can serve as your dip

my order:
Com Tom Rim
Chili Shrimp with Rice

our side:
Veggieroll with pork and Vermicelli Roll

I think they have the largest chili sauce around...
beside the sauce is one of the best fresh iced tea i've tried

I guess it's still alright to try anything outside of your comfort zone. In relation to food at least, I recommend that you talk to your server before ordering just in case you have certain preferences.

What have you tried that you find unusual?


Rai Rai Ken

>> Sunday, October 4, 2009

I love soups. Wherever I dine or wherever I go I will most likely ask for their soup of the day, or I will closely look at the menu if there are delicious noodles, or soups - or just about anything na me sabaw.

Maybe about a month ago I was able to watch a featured HBO movie entitled Ramen Girl. This is a story of an American woman who got stranded in Japan because of her boyfriend, who later sought proper training to be a Ramen Chef (typing this makes me really hungry). But unlike her, I think I'll just eat Ramen and not try to cook one anytime soon.

Hence, our trip to Rai Rai Ken - Ramen and Sushi Bar.

ah, the classic Miso Soup

Kani Salad - vegetables, mayo and crab sticks
This is the best tasting kani salad I've had so far.
Steamed Gyoza - just like dumplings.

Beef Yakiniku Ramen - this is so yummy.
Beef was probably grilled before it was added to the soup.
3-kind Bento Box - with Yakiniku Beef, Seafood, mixed vegetables and a cup of rice.

Rai Rai Ken was definitely worth a try.


FTF: Crustasia Shangrila Mall (Buffet)

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner with my friends at Crustacia Shangrila Mall. Their dinner buffet is 395.00 pesos per person which includes the appetizer, soup, salads and desserts. Sarap ng alimango. Their service is very good too. ^_^

Happy Food Trip Friday!


FTF: Shik Do Rak (A Koren Restaurant in downtown L.A.)

>> Friday, September 25, 2009

Hi! Happy Friday! ^_^

I would like to share the pictures I have with my friend Aileen in L.A. California. This is the second time I ate shabu-shabu style and the first time I appreciated the taste of Kim Chi.
Kim Chi is pickled dishes made of vegetables with varied seasonings. Its most common is the spicy baechu (cabbage) variety. Kim Chi is Korea's most common side dish.
Those freshly thawed and thinly cut beef were cooked on hot pans. Side Dish are the Kim Chi and rice wrappers (those white sheets like Molo wrappers). Ubos ang Kim Chi. ^_^
Happy Food Trip Friday!


Ginataang Papaya with Shrimp

>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey friends! We have a new contributor in the house! Yipeee!
I have been too busy these past days and I have not been able to post some updates in my food blog so I asked the helped of my sister-bestfriend Mae, who is also a foodie. Two heads are better than one ika nga. We hope you would enjoy your stay here and be able to get some delectable foodie insights. We hope na mas magutom namen kayu... heee heee! Cheers to her first post here! Thanks sis! ^_^


My father is a native Bicolano. He is truly skilled and great in cooking menu's with 'gata'. And as his daughter, I've tasted countless meals served in it.

Last night, he cooked papaya in gata with shrimp. I'm supposedly controlling my food intake but I failed 'again' last night. boooo. The food was just soooooooo creamy - truly truly fulfilling. I then took my camera and snapped away before it went dead. Then I interviewed my father on how he cooked this.

Coconut Milk - papa just buys grated coconut and he'll be the one to squeeze the milk out of it.
1 kilo of green papaya - sliced
1/2 kilo of shrimp (alternatives: pork, chicken, fish)
garlic and onion
green chili (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions:
  1. In a pan, pour coconut milk. Add chopped garlic and onion. Bring to a boil.
  2. Add shrimp (or any other alternatives)
  3. When shrimp is nearly cooked, add papaya, then chili
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste
  5. Once completely cooked, you may add the rest of your coconut milk for additional creaminess

I realized there are so many food recipes you can make out of 'gata'.
What's your favourite one?

- mae -


Yellow Cab: Pizza and Chili Wings

>> Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yellow Cab Manhattan Meatlovers Pizza shared by me and Hon.
Another favorite from Yellow Cab, Chili Wings!!!


Lugaw with Lomo

>> Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recently, my hubby/cook went aboard his ship na to work. So nowadays, medyu wala na akong kasamang magdinner sa labas o mag food trip. Whenever I come home late at night, I just buy Lugaw with Lomo from the nearest carinderia. Diet ang eksena ko for now. hahaha. By the way, Lomo ay yung malambot na karne ng baka o baboy. Tinatawag din itong Tenderloin in english. Di kasi ako kumakain ng goto na may libro at tuwalya ng baka.

Hon, Parang lugaw na walang patis, I am nothing without you....ahihihi... sobrang cheesy!


Red Crab Greenbelt Experience

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Last June, my college girlfriends and I met up after a long time of not seeing each other. Mae that time just got back from a training from Cincinatti, USA and Lucky had to formally announce to the girls of her coming January wedding. A lot of catching up and chikahan the whole night.
The food we ordered are just simple compared to the Boodle Feasts my family usually orders in Blackbeard, a sister restaurant of Red Crab.

At Red Crab, we ordered Paella, Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Miswa Soup. The girls opted for buko juice while I ordered the Green Mango Shake. Note to self: I need to try their Crab Menu next time. ^_^


FTF: A Taste of Tapa King

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

Last week, while we we're searching for the best computer rigg that we could find, we found ourselves lost in Glorietta. Beside Anson's there was this new resto named Tapa King. We tried their tapa and I wonder if they are the same as what Rufo's have.
Here are the pics.

These are what we ordered. Crispy Liempo, Tapa and Adobong KangKong
Beef Tapa, Egg, Atsara and Fried Rice
Crispy Liempo...


FTF: Food Trip Shabu Shabu Style in LA

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

Today I wanna share the pictures of the Food Trip I experienced when I visited my high school friend Aileen in LA. She was so generous to share with me a tour of Los Angeles in 2 days that I have been there. I met her friends too. On the first night of my stay, she and her friends treat me in a Shabu shabu style restaurant which I forgot the name. This is the first time I experienced having the food cooked in front of me and eating it straight. At first I was skeptical since I was afraid I might spill the hot soup in front of me, but in the end, it was such a fun experience. I would love to visit LA again someday and meet them again.

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