buzBox Scrambles: A Simple and Affordable Way to Indulge!

>> Monday, June 28, 2010

When I was a kid, my favorite meryenda was after-school's Ice Scramble. It was usually crushed ice with food coloring, sometimes pink or yellow. Topped with powdered milk and choco drippings. Tuwing uwian galing school, if I have left over money, I would usually walk on the way home munching with a 3 peso worth small cup of this freezy delight.
Last week, I was introduced by an officemate to buzBox Scrambles. She said she was actually searching for this foodcart since a week ago and was not able to find it. It was actually located at the basement floor of Megamall food court in a small cart. You can imagine my happiness when I saw the pink colored crushed ice topped with milk powder and marshmallow bits! Para biglang flashback ang "batang kalye" moments ko. ^_^ You can't really eat an ice scramble without the powedered skim milk on top. At dahil sobrang init during lunchtime walking all the way to Megamall from the office, munching on this cup of scramble was like heaven for me.

The cups come in three sizes, small(P10.00), medium (P14.00) and large (P17.00). Additional P3.00 for each type of toppings. (Choco Sprinkle, Candy Sprinkle, Mini Mallows, Mini Sago or Milk Powder).


Starbucks Classics

>> Saturday, June 26, 2010

Admit it or not, Starbucks has gained so much popularity even in this warm and tropical country. For whatever underlying reason there is - I could really care less.

All I know is, when I go there, it's for some chocolate and mild caffeine fix for me - period.
Let me share the classics I learned to love from Sbucks-

corned beef pandesal

belgian waffle
available in mocha, strawberry and caramel

chocolate frappe

iced caramel machiatto

what's your favorite coffee house and drink?


Wanted: Chocolate Lava Cake

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

If I'm a soup person, I'm definitely a dessert goddess too. I'll pass for a steak, but I'll definitely wouldn't miss a cup of gelato, cake, pies, ice cream and all those desserts. A complete meal ain't complete with such sweet treats!

Recently in Pizza Hut: I have not really paid their desserts much attention, more so their cakes. Often, I look for ice cream rather than cakes. But this time, for dessert, I ordered Choco Lava Cake ala mode.

Me reminiscing: I could suddenly remember the heavenly Chocolate Lava Cake I had in Applebees, back when I was in Illinois. It was more than heaven. The cake was very moist and warm. On top were white and chocolate fudge drizzles almost covering the cake and the ice cream. The cold vanilla ice cream beside was melting. A truly delicious indulgence and a perfect label of 'chocolate lava cake' ala mode.

Applebees' Chocolate Lava Cake Ala Mode
(in super macro)

farther view of the heavenly dessert

another dessert from a different restaurant

Single Blondie Cake Ala Mode by Ruby Tuesday
warm pie with Vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzles

I'm a little hopeful that I would see more than this (see below pic) from Pizza Hut, nonetheless the cake their talking about is really a hard-crusted cupcake. They added chocolate syrup to make it look like it's flowing from the inside (oh! we can't fake that part whatever we do) and topped it with Cherry. Beside it was the super sweet vanilla ice cream.
I grade it 2 over 5. :(

Choco Lava Cake from Pizza Hut

I'm on the lookout for a perfect Choco Lava Cake here in the Metro!
Please let me know if you spotted one. :)



>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

I know Rina would remember this place if I post it here. I just thought this restaurant deserves an entry of its own.

KKK doesn't stand for anything. They probably wanted a line that's so catchy at the same time Filipino. Plus their tag line is "Food Revolution" - astig! If you actually look at their menu - the names of the food are all Filipino too.. a little funny and cute at the same time. :)

try them out - near crocs boutique and across the bowling center

Kanin ng KKK

Sinigang na Lechon

I think this is Baked Mussels - can't remember the exact name on their menu

Kamatis, Mangga at Bagoong Isda

All in all, we enjoyed their food, and our money was definitely worth it.
For a revolutionary appetite, try KKK!!


The Racks @ Megamall

>> Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hubby and I went out one time and tried "The Racks" at Megamall.
I used to think The Racks is a posh resto and their menus are expensive but was surprised to know it wasn't.
Here are what we ordered.

Carbonara P165.00
This Carbonara was so creamy.

Onion Bricks P150.00

Quarter Beef Ribs (well done)


Grilled Chicken @ Star City

>> Sunday, June 6, 2010

We went to Star City last week and before we begin touring the themed park.... we ate first at the food court where we ordered grilled chicken. Above is for P60.00 with rice and a cup of iced tea.


Grilled Salmon with Steamed Baby Beans

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Grilled Salmon with steamed Baby Beans and Mashed Potatoes.


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