FTF: Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa with Shrimp

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa na may Hipon
(String Beans, Squash and Shrimp with coconut Milk)


Foodie Thoughts on Iron Chef and my Dream Kitchen

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

If I am not a graduate of CompSci and now working as Db Associate... I could have pursued my HRM course in UP and dreamed of joining Iron Chef America. I could have been a challenger against Chef Cora. or Chef Mike Or I could be now building my dream kitchen. Libre lang ang mangarap... pagbigyan nyu na... ahaha ^_^


Chillin' on a Weekend with Starbucks Coffee Jelly

I used to be a fan of Double Chocolate Cream Frapp and Strawberry Frapp but yesterday I tried coffee jelly and love it! I love these squishy small jellies.

Coffee Jelly Blended Coffee + Training = Perfect Early Saturday Chill'


FTF: Beef Brocolli, Chilli Wings and Pizzaaaaa

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

I am so happy!!! Why? Because it's FOOD TRIP FRIDAY!

I'm now officially a member of FTF! To celebrate, here's my first post for FTF, the food below is a picture from my previous birthday celebration. I was in St.Louis, MO that time away from my family that's why it was just a simple get to gether with my officemates. Hey! It was also a Friday. Pizza and beer with great friends. Cheeers!! ^_^


Sauteed Bean Sprout with Tofu and Ground Pork

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

I found my flair again for cooking and spent 45 minutes tonight for this. It is my version of Ginisang Toge with Tofu and Veggies.
1/2 kl. Ground Pork (boiled w/ 1/2 cup water before sauteed)
Baguio Beans
1 pc. Carrot (sliced into small pieces)
Bean sprouts (Toge or Mongo sprouts)
4 pcs Tofu (fried and diced)
Oyster Sauce and pepper to taste.

Sautee the ingredients in the above order. Add 3 cups of water and simmer for 10 minutes. Add oyster sauce and pepper to taste. Enjoy! ^_^ You can substitute ground pork with shrimp.


Cakes Galore!

These are the sweets served when we watched the Cardinal's game in MO. The company I work for I heard, is a sponsor of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. So everytime there is a game, employees can get an invite or free tickets to watch the game in a special suite with a very good view, cold beers and sinful desserts! My friend Charm agrees with me on this from her blog.


Blackbeard's Seafood Boodle Feast

When my brother graduated for college last March 2008, I brought them at Blackbeard's Seafood Island and we celebrated with their Boodle Feast. Click here for their menu. This is a "Kamayan Style" feast good for 3-4 or 5-6. The food was very good! Sulit!


A box of Krispy Kreme to Keep your Stress Away


My Cravings for Jollibee

During my 5 months stay abroad, I did not think I would crave sooo much for this Filipino favorite. Isa pa... isa pa... isa pang Chicken Joy! ^_^ I'm glad I found Jollibee in Los Angeles, California courtesy of my friend Aileen.


A taste of SBARRO Pasta


Beef Wanton Soup

Here is a picture of the Beef Wanton Soup I ordered on a chinese restaurant in SM Baguio. It was cold that time and it was a nice experience to eat soup even if I can also order this from Chowking. We also ordered Fried Tofu and Green Mango and Strawberry Shake for beverage.


Super Size French Fries and Burgers

The Best American fast food staple. Fries and Burgers.


Smoked Salmon with Rice

Here is the best fish dish I tasted during our team dinner. It was in this restaurant in STL called "Sake in the City" a japanese themed resto.


Budweiser Beers

Last June 2, 2007. I had the pleasure of visiting Anhouser Busch in St. Louis, MO. It was the home of Budweiser Beers. I was happy seeing the Philippine flag there. We had a tour around the beer factory. Inexplain sa amin how beers are fermented and the ingredients that makes Budweiser. At the end of the tour, we get to have a FREE taste of the beer products they have. For non alcoholic drinkers like me, one glassful of beer is waaaay too much. ^_^Here are my collegues, happy with ice cold beers and pretzels.


Lechon Kawali - Deep Pan Fried Pork

This picture is a usual scene for tomadors and tambay.... ^_^
I had the pleasure of sitting in on one last year during my grand father's first year death anniversary and would you believe, this is inuman with my mom? ahahaha.... :D

Sabi nila... if you want to stay young... you eat lechon. Maaga ka matsutsugi because of it's high cholesterol content. So yung mga ganitong pagkain... dapat minsan lang.


Baguio's Freshest Strawberries

My friends and I went to Baguio last March 2009. That is the first time I was able to see baguio. We went to Strawberry Farm. Here are the pictures of Baguio's Freshest Strawberries from Charm. You can buy a basket full of strawberry per Kilo. Or you can pick strawberries by yourself for PhP250.00 per 2 kilos.


Chicken Curry with Carrots and Potato

>> Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here is our version of Chicken Curry.


For your Sweet Tooth, Baby

Here is a picture of my friend Mitzi's Bday cake. It was a given by our colleague Timon from St. Louis, MO. It was such a sweet gesture from him.
Another awesome treat below is an ice cream choco cake for Susan's (our boss) Baby shower.

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