Rai Rai Ken

>> Sunday, October 4, 2009

I love soups. Wherever I dine or wherever I go I will most likely ask for their soup of the day, or I will closely look at the menu if there are delicious noodles, or soups - or just about anything na me sabaw.

Maybe about a month ago I was able to watch a featured HBO movie entitled Ramen Girl. This is a story of an American woman who got stranded in Japan because of her boyfriend, who later sought proper training to be a Ramen Chef (typing this makes me really hungry). But unlike her, I think I'll just eat Ramen and not try to cook one anytime soon.

Hence, our trip to Rai Rai Ken - Ramen and Sushi Bar.

ah, the classic Miso Soup

Kani Salad - vegetables, mayo and crab sticks
This is the best tasting kani salad I've had so far.
Steamed Gyoza - just like dumplings.

Beef Yakiniku Ramen - this is so yummy.
Beef was probably grilled before it was added to the soup.
3-kind Bento Box - with Yakiniku Beef, Seafood, mixed vegetables and a cup of rice.

Rai Rai Ken was definitely worth a try.


FTF: Crustasia Shangrila Mall (Buffet)

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner with my friends at Crustacia Shangrila Mall. Their dinner buffet is 395.00 pesos per person which includes the appetizer, soup, salads and desserts. Sarap ng alimango. Their service is very good too. ^_^

Happy Food Trip Friday!

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