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>> Friday, January 2, 2009

Hey! Welcome!
Foodiethoughts.com is the second life of this lovely food blog. It was initially released as foodie blog under the wing of Reyna’s personal blog. In 2010, we teamed up to bring you an array of the most enticing delicacies we have found and tried here in Manila and during our travels abroad.

I’d like to say that Reyna’s a dynamic cook. She knows how to cook and can work out whatever ingredients are in the kitchen.  I on the other hand (can’t cook!), though I can appreciate every delectable surprise in food there is! Together – we aim to bring you a wide variety of our personal favorites, unexpected recipe wonders, restaurant must tries, cuisines worth your palate, cooking tips, and a whole lot of personal reviews about nothing but FOOD. And because everything came from personal experiences, you are definitely assured that we’ve tried, eaten and tested what we’re talking about here!

You are more than welcome to read and indulge. Don’t forget to leave a coment.
Visit us back! ~Mayang


Hi there! My name is Reyna. This is my second blog which I started June 2009. It's a food blog where I combined my love of food and my amateur photography skills. Photos I took during me and my friends and family's appreciation of food and dining.
After posting my first cooked dish from a long hiatus of not cooking, I was inspired to make a food blog. I love to cook and have a penchant for great dining. I had drafts and lay-outs a year ago for the food blog but it never materialised. Nonetheless, I continued to take photos of food and dining with my friends. Some of these photos, I was able to share in my personal blog but mostly were saved somewhere. And eventually created ReyaneFoodHaven.blogspot.com.

By September 2009, my bestfriend/sister-Mae-fellow-foodie, started contributing articles and by May 2010 we decided to join forces and build a new collaborative site we called FoodieThought. Two heads are better than one ika nga. We hope you would enjoy your stay here and be able to get some delectable foodie insights. We hope na mas magutom namen kayo.
Cheers! ~Reyna


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