Beeeday and Mom Day

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 2007, I spent my birthday in St. Louis, Missouri since I was out of the country.

May 2008, there was a triple celebration. My brother graduated from college, it was mom's day and my birthday. We spent it swimming with a few of my cousins and mom's friends.

This year, 2009, I opted to celebrate it with my family. My mom wants to cook but I told her that we should go out and dine.

I challenged them for 2 games of bowling. ^_^ ahaha! And I lost.

Then we went to Kenny Rogers for dinner.

I used to order their solo plates but this night we tried their Healthy Plate and Protein Plate. I love their salad and the rosted chicken. I only spent less than Php1,000.00 for those. 2 Healthy Plates and 2 Protein Plates. It includes salad, chicken, fruits, muffin and ice tea. I also ordered extra side dishes of corn and carrots and baked cheese macaroni. For the dessert we ordered Chocolate mouse.

Happy Eatin'!


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